Rotogravure printing

As Vitrapack offers flexo and rotogravure printing, we always discuss the most efficient way of working with the client.

Quality from an up-close, personal approach

Our high-performance 8 colour rotogravure printing machine by W&H was equipped with 100% inspection and inline spectrophotometry. That means we are able to deliver the highest possible print quality in the finest grid patterns using the highest density colours, all on thin films. And of course the quality can also be controlled optimally. With a maximum printing width of 1000 mm, we can handle all of your rotogravure printing demands.

What distinguishes rotogravure printing from flexographic printing?

Rotogravure printing ensures the finest grid patterns, combined with the highest possible colour density and a photographic print quality. Compared to flexographic printing, we can print the same image with fewer colours but with a higher quality.

When do we use rotogravure printing?

Rotogravure printing is usually reserved for larger print runs and for images in which fine grid patterns are combined with high colour densities. If the print quality and colour reproduction have to be top notch, your best bet is still rotogravure printing.